What to consider before choosing monitoring software?

Building trust of employees is a very tough work. Managers need to make sure that your workers do their duties effectively and that they don’t hide anything from you. Although most managers try to load employees by a huge amount of work, smarter ones use phone spy devices to monitor what they do during the working time. Finding such program is not that hard, but problems arise when an employer starts searching for a reliable one.

How to not make a mistake?

Most monitoring apps and programs require paying a lot of fees and clients really don’t know what they will get in response. If a person doesn’t want the purchased program to work not as she expected, she should assess some key points before applying for a paid version. Typically, users ask 3 basic questions:

  1. Is this program flexible enough? Some employers like using only computer version of such monitoring device, some of them drive a lot and they still like to see what employees do through a mobile app. It is also important to download the version, which is compatible with your operating system;
  2. Am I satisfied by the scope of supervising this program allows? Managers should assess what their employees can do during the working day and how they can capture any undesirable activity. If this program doesn’t allow them to do that, maybe it is better to pay extra for a service which can provide all opportunities;
  3. Can I rely on my provider? If managers choose monitoring software, the brand is much greater than the price their company should pay. You should assess all reviews from previous users and only if you are sure about the quality of service, you should pay money and download the app. If provider allows you testing it for free, try most features you can to not get disappointed after paying all fees.

Employers should also consider do they really need a phone tracker. If the project management system works well and if all workers remain overloaded with tasks, no one will use social networks while working. The same way if you don’t think that doing extra activities can reduce workforce efficiency (in some cases that is true). Installing a spy app is an important decision and if you don’t want to waste your time, you should take it very seriously.

Other organizational issues a manager can face

Most employees don’t treat introducing a monitoring device as good for them. If you don’t want to destroy what you’ve been building through the years, you shouldn’t hide anything from them or do strict activities. Successful employers always start with clear rules, explaining new feature as something which can help boost productivity and assess the efficiency of work. If you convince your staff, they won’t rise against you.

Another issue is to introduce new investment to the CEO. Although the investment is not that large, you should still be accountable for any cent of the corporate money you spend. However, if you explain everything correctly and systematically, you will make that much easier than introducing the app to your workforce.

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