Complete Guide to Phone Tracker Apps

Employee monitoring is useful for all kinds of business, as it helps to improve the productivity of workers. You will be able to control employee’s nitration with customers, desire to do work related tasks, track location and number of hours, spent on intensive work.

Monitoring software is relatively new on the market, but their prototypes were functioning a long time ago. Modern phone spy applications give you an opportunity not only to control the work attendance but also its productivity, as you can have access to different data and analyze it.

Thus, you can receive information about:

Internet Usage

More than a half of employers monitor the Internet usage by their workers in order to know which website they visit and for how long. Thus, you can see how responsible your employee is and pay him or her a salary they deserve. For example, you found out that your workers spent a lot of time browsing shopping websites, and that means that they do not work in a proper way.


Email monitoring may be useful for a number of reasons, and that is why more than 40% of employers decide to use this function, offered by phone spy. Collecting email data gives you an opportunity to analyze the professionalism of your workers, prevent different problems and even use them as an evidence in court.

Text Messages

A lot of employees can use SMS instead of calls, as it is easier to imitate the process of intensive work is you write short messages than when they speak by phone with friends, beloved ones or relatives.


Nowadays not so many companies monitor the voicemail of their employees because it is no longer such a popular way of communication as it used to be.


Mobile spy apps also allow employers to monitor the presence of their workers on workplaces. Such applications provide you with valuable data about GPS location so that you can know where your employee is during working hours. It is a useful feature for those, who use the free version of any spy app, as GPS data will be available even after the free trial has expired.

Are Spy Apps Legal?

A lot of employers ask whether it is legal to monitor the activity of your employees. We should say that there is no law, which would prevent private employers from monitoring their works. However, you are to check the laws is you are a private employer, but you have a contract with federal institutions. In addition to that, there are state laws, except for federal ones, so do not forget to check them either.

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