Benefits and Drawbacks of Mobile Spy Applications

A lot of enterprises use spy apps to monitor the activity of their employees. If you need to increase the productivity of your workers, phone tracker is a good solution. It is easy to use and install, and you will receive access to SMS, calls, messengers, GPS location and other.

Advantages of Phone Spy Apps

More Saved Time: employees can spend working hours on social networks or websites, which are not related to their responsibilities. Statistics shows that such activity costs a lot of wasted money to employers.

Fewer Errors: access to text messages, calls, emails and contacts give you an opportunity to prevent employers from making major mistakes. For instance, he or she starts working with the minor project, when the deadline of the extremely important project is tight, and it is not completed yet. Due to spy app, you can write him or her an email with a request to switch to the more crucial task.
Increase the Security of Employers: if you monitor emails of your workers, you can use it in situations when you need to resolve the sexual harassment claims. What is more, you can check the GPS location of your employee is he or she is not in the workplace for a long time, and nobody knows where he or she is.

Excellent Delegation: Monitoring of your employees with the help of phone spy apps gives you an opportunity to know strong and weak sides of your worker better. Thus, you know how to divide task between staff in such a way that everything will be done efficiently and effectively.

Disadvantages of Phone Tracker Apps

Psychological State: The fact that you are monitored by your employer may have a bad effect on the psychology and spirit of your team. A lot of workers will hesitate, be afraid of making important decisions and will have a fear of errors, and as a result, their productivity can decrease. What is more, they may consider that you do not trust them and that can influence the manager-worker relations.

Stress: A lot of employees, whose working activity is monitored every minute have to work under stress and such conditions also have a negative impact on the team and productivity.

Lack of Privacy: every person should have a right to the privacy and they are ready to fight for it Thus, you can lose your better workers as they can quit and start working for your competitors.

Legal issues: Some employees may suit you in the court for the monitoring of their activity in the workplace, and judges usually take the side of the worker. Although phone trackers are not illegal, court issues can appear to be an extremely bad experience for your business.

Thus, take into consideration all pros and cons of spy apps and decide whether you want to apply them to your employers.

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